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I am giving this rating 5 stars so it will be seen. Teri Pepitone is a bully. I don't care how well anyone has been treated in her business. In her personal life she is an immature bully. She always has been and always will be. I will never support a business run by someone who is so arrogant and vindictive. I would much rather spend my hard earned money in a business where I know the owner is a person with a good heart who cares about others and is not a selfish ***. Thank you.

(Anonymous, 14 days ago)

This site looks about as fake and white trash as the owner is. My personal experience with Teri was less than desirable.

(Anonymous, 26 days ago)

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Fast! Thanks so much your services are excellent!

(Cnthia K., 764 days ago)

Your web site is every bit as good as the customized service you provide!!!

(Jeffrey H., 1,365 days ago)

I like this feature, very user friendly. All of your staff are extremely helpful, talented and friendly. I'd like to give an extra thank you to Rachel for making me aware of the website and the specials!! Keep up the good work!

(Karleigh C., 2,908 days ago)


(Anita B., 3,111 days ago)

Great! Easy to use website

(Viny P., 3,387 days ago)

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